Why Le Lycée National
The Lycée National Schools, which was founded in 1970, have grown continuously and gained an exceptionally high level of recognition since then. We, the Lycée National Schools, are committed to deliver the best learning experience to our students through adopting the latest educational methods empowered by the most advanced technological devices and extracurricular activities which enhance the students'intellectual, psychological, and physical development.

Since we started, we have worked with full collaboration with the government aiming at reaching high academic goals. We have, also, contributed to the updating and upgrading of the national curriculum.

Lycée National Schools have always motivated and encouraged all of their staff members to attend extensive workshops to ensure their top efficient and effective performance.
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Choueifat - Main Bchamoun Road
00961 5 805500

Bekaata - Semkhaniyeh, Lycee National St.
00961 5 506780

Beirut - Ramlet El Bayda, Sersok St.
00961 1 822909
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